I’ve been hosting the Savannah Ghosts Paranormal Investigators Tour since August of 2014.  Our tours start and end nightly at Clary’s Cafe on Abercorn Street.

After our attendees arrive, I introduce myself and brief them on some of the technology we will be utilizing on our investigation.

On an almost nightly basis, my speech is frequently interrupted by the sound of squealing car tires.  It sounds like someone peeling out, and seems to originate from the same area – the intersection of Abercorn and Liberty Streets.

I hadn’t given it much thought for several months.  This is Savannah after all, and there are plenty of youth who love to show off with their souped up rides.

But after several months, I started to note a few odd things about the squealing tires.  The sound always seems to originate in the same location – north of us on Abercorn.  But what’s most interesting, is that it also seems to be the same sound, over and over and over.

I’ve pointed it out to my nightly team members; advised them to help me keep notes on it, specifically the times we hear it at.

What is this mysterious sound?  Why is it so similar each time we hear it, and why does it always seem to originate from the same location? Is it possible that we’re hearing a residual echo of a car accident from years past?  :)

There is a concept in the paranormal known as a residual type haunting, also known as “place memory” or a “stone tape.”  It is believed by some that a traumatic event might some how record itself on the location that it occurred, and when the conditions are right, we might hear a “play back” of this event.  A good example are certain historic battlefields.  Many people (myself included) have reported what appear to be the sounds of gun and cannon fire when no reenactors are present.  Some claim that these are the echoes of the battles that claimed the lives of men years ago.

Now let me make one thing perfectly clear – I’m not saying the tire squeals are definitively residual energy.   The source needs to be investigated and pin pointed before we can even entertain that possibility.

It is interesting to note however, that several nights ago after my tour concluded, I rode my bicycle up to the intersection of Liberty and Abercorn.  I waited about 10 minutes, and sure enough, the sound played for me.  However now the sound seemed to originate further west on Liberty street.  It was also much more muffled and quiet than it usually is.

So I have my work cut out for me!  I’m sure the sound is of a non-paranormal origin, and that a more thorough investigation will eventually reveal it’s source.  But maybe not…

If any of my fellow Savannahian’s have any knowledge of these mysterious squeals or their true origin – paranormal or otherwise – I’d love to know your take on it.

Look for follow ups on this blog as I get more information.

-Patrick Burns
March 24, 2015