I’ve been coming to Savannah Georgia for well over a decade now to investigate her paranormal past.  In the summer of 2014, my wife Marley Gibson and I decided  to plant roots in this beautiful southern gem of a city.  I was excited by the opportunity to continue my research work in America’s Most Haunted City.

I’ve referred to Savannah as the “Paranormal Mecca” since we held our first “GhoStock” paranormal enthusiasts conference here in July of 2005.  At that time, I was the founder and director of the now defunct “Ghost Hounds Paranormal Investigators Network” – one of the largest think-tanks of paranormal minds in it’s day.

I proposed to the group that we host a haunted weekend get away in some well-known haunted city.  Everyone agreed, but the only question was, where?  We narrowed the list down to five potential locations – Savannah, Charleston, Saint Augustine, Key West and New Orleans.  I held a pole on our website and asked our members to vote for their favorite city.  Being a life-long “beach bum”  I was gunning for Key West.

The poll didn’t even need to run a full day.  Savannah was the runaway landslide winner, with over 70% of the vote.  The decision was made – we were headed to Savannah.

At this point, I had never visited Savannah.  In order to familiarize myself with the city where I would be hosting this conference, we booked a hotel room for the weekend and my wife and I took a road trip.

We were immediately taken back by the sheer beauty of Savannah.  Her beautiful, historic homes.  The Spanish moss dangling from the live oak trees.  But most of all, her people.  Savannah is true southern hospitality personified.

We were delighted to find that Savannahians embrace their haunted heritage.  This is not the case with all cities.  Salem Mass for example.  We held a “GhoStock” in Salem back in 2009, but were dismayed and puzzled to discover that the locals in “The Witch City” seem to be totally out of touch with their paranormal past – ghosts in particular.  Nearly every location we contacted to conduct an investigation at, slammed the door in our faces – both literally and figuratively.

Our first GhoStock in Savannah was a resounding success – despite the fact we made the error of holding it in late July.  The summers here can be hot and brutally humid, and I vowed that we’d never again repeat the mistake of trying to do a conference here during the “dog days” of late summer.

Savannah loves her ghost stories, of which their are many in this historic town.  The Savannah Ghosts Paranormal Investigation Tour is just 7 months old as of the writing of this blog, but already I’m winning accolades and overwhelmingly positive reviews.

I’m excited about the months and years to come.  As I settle in to my new home, I look forward to continuing my paranormal research in America’s Most Haunted City.  Come visit, and let me show you my favorite haunts!

-Patrick Burns
March 24, 2015