EVP, or more specifically Electronic Voice Phenomena has fascinated me for many years.  Literally, voices (and other sounds) that mysteriously appear on audio recordings; inaudible to the naked ear at the time the recording is made, but clearly audible within the recording on playback.

When I first learned of EVP in the 1990’s, I was highly skeptical.  Being an electronic geek, I know all too well of a phenomena known as “cross talk” where by a radio broadcast signal can “bleed” over onto a device not specifically designed to receive that signal.  For example, I once owned an old guitar amplifier that would act like a crude radio receiver and faintly play distant AM radio broadcasts whenever I touched the steel guitar strings!

Initially, I dismissed EVP as crosstalk – nothing more than wayward radio broadcasts bleeding over onto our recordings because of poor signal shielding.

And then one night on an investigation, I collected my very first EVP – totally by accident.

I was participating in a small “ghost hunt” at a historic cemetery in Gwinnett County Georgia sometime in early 2000.  Armed with a video camcorder, I was attempting to capture visual evidence of paranormal activity within the cemetery.

The very next night, I sat down to analyze my video footage.  I didn’t find anything anomalous in my video, but about halfway into the recording, I noticed something very unusual.

My fellow investigator and I were talking among ourselves at one point, when on playback of the video recording, I heard what sounded like the voice of a young girl singing.

“Goooooo awaaaaaay!  Go away!  Go AWAY!”

Then the deep voice of a man echoing her sentiment – “Go away!”

I was dumbfounded!  Only two people in the cemetery that night, yet here are two voices distinctly different than our own; apparently upset by our presence.

It definitely was not the clearest EVP – especially since we’d been talking over it.  But it was unmistakably there.

This experience forced me to radically revamp my skepticism of Electronic Voice Phenomena.  Seeing (or in this instance, hearing) is believing!  If my original assessment is true – that this is all just cross talk off the broadcast radio spectrum, I’m still waiting to record my first EVP of Brittany Spears!  Or of a traffic or weather report.  The responses appear to be inconsistent with what would expect to randomly hear off the airwaves.  We get apparent intelligent answers to questions asked; commentary to the discussions we are having among ourselves.  And to anyone that has experienced it, there is nothing spookier than hearing your own name called out – which has happened to me personally hundreds of times.

Fifteen years later, in 2015, EVP accounts for about 90% of what I do as an investigator.  I’ve recorded literally thousands of EVP’s in this time frame, and I’m still dumbfounded.  Each new EVP I record is just as exciting and perplexing as my first. I have yet to formulate a solid origin for the source of these mysterious sounds on our recorders.

I’ve also gotten pretty good at capturing EVP, and my recordings are a nightly fixture on my SAVANNAH GHOSTS Paranormal Investigation Tour.  My tour audience is regularly amazed by my prior recordings, and blown away when we actually capture EVP on the tour in front of a live audience.

Keep checking back as I share some of my very best recordings captured on my tours!

And be sure to join me on my tour the next time you’re in Savannah, for an experience you won’t soon forget!

-Patrick Burns