Evidence gathered by Patrick Burns and guests on the Savannah Ghosts Tour.

QUESTION – How do you prevent EVP contamination?

Patrick, how do you insure your evidence, such as EVP, is not contaminated by ambient noise? Especially recording it live outside on the street?

That’s an excellent question. Quite simply – you can’t.

However, you can’t prevent contamination indoors either.

Some might think that by recording EVP indoors, it will insure that the problems of street level, outdoor […]

Electronic Voice Phenomena “EVP”

EVP, or more specifically Electronic Voice Phenomena has fascinated me for many years.  Literally, voices (and other sounds) that mysteriously appear on audio recordings; inaudible to the naked ear at the time the recording is made, but clearly audible within the recording on playback.

When I first learned of EVP in the 1990’s, I was highly skeptical. […]

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